I AM Part of the Resistance (by Thomas J. Gray)

UPDATE: I’ve received notification by Thomas J. Gray that he is the author of this piece.  By the time I had seen it on facebook, it had been added to – so I am updating this post to more accurately reflect the original wording.  I liked much of what had been added, and I understand that in the passion of those first horrible days, many felt similar feelings and simply added their own parts.   This phrase was added:

The survival of our democracy and our way of life demands that we stand and resist. So I will Resist. I AM part of the Resistance, and I AM proud of it.

Here is the original, by Thomas J. Gray:



The United States of Ignorance

Yesterday the headline story of a UK version of Huffingtonpost read

Floods, Drought And Wildfires Highlighted In First National Report On Climate Change

Meanwhile here in the US, at the GOP “debates” Republican politicians continue their battle to prove that they’re each more willfully ignorant of science than the others.  It’s embarrassing, and it’s hurting our country. More

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