I AM Part of the Resistance (by Thomas J. Gray)

UPDATE: I’ve received notification by Thomas J. Gray that he is the author of this piece.  By the time I had seen it on facebook, it had been added to – so I am updating this post to more accurately reflect the original wording.  I liked much of what had been added, and I understand that in the passion of those first horrible days, many felt similar feelings and simply added their own parts.   This phrase was added:

The survival of our democracy and our way of life demands that we stand and resist. So I will Resist. I AM part of the Resistance, and I AM proud of it.

Here is the original, by Thomas J. Gray:



Suggested 10 Ideas for Global Ethics


1.  DIGNITY: Proclaim the natural dignity and inherent worth of all living beings.

2.  RESPECT: Respect the life and property of other beings.

3.  TOLERANCE: Be tolerant of others’ beliefs and lifestyles.

4.  SHARING: Create a healthy culture where all beings, human and non-human,  have their basic  needs met.  Share with those who are less fortunate and assist those who are in need of help. More

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