We Are About Peace – unmasking the Agent Provocateurs & other police tactics

“We are about peace. That’s the most powerful tool we have,” said Mario Jefferson of the Occupy LA encampment.  “We don’t want to waste energy on breaking things. We’re trying to do this thing peacefully,” he said.

The world-wide movement challenging the existing economic systems and extremely unequal distribution of wealth has gained momentum and continues to grow.   And with growth, we need to be very aware of agent provocateurs.

Agent Provocateurs

Agent Provocateurs

We can always assume one thing: there are always provocateurs in every rally, meeting and demonstration.  Be they from our tax-paid police departments or private “security” hired by corporate America, they will be there, provoking and inciting violence.

Be very aware and present.  The general warning is that when someone seemingly “in the group” advocates violence, begins throwing things, fighting, and generally inciting violence, you must assume that person is a plant.  Do not let them pull you into negative action.

The obvious goal of the “officials”  is to show via the corporate media “violence” of the crowd, which then allows military-style police action in “response”.

You will always hear people in the crowd calling out things like “Do not fight back.  Do not provoke the police.  No violence.”  It’s often hard to stay rational in an energized conflict, but we need to do our best.  Do not take any action that could be construed as violent or even  “resisting arrest.”  Our strength is in our peace.  Our strength is in our love.  Our strength is in our unity.

Provocateurs have always been infiltrating any movement of the people, probably as far back as earliest civilization.  Today, the tactic appears to be universal.

Here’s a youtube video of police provocateurs in the Quebec G20 demonstrations:

And in Greece

A pair of undercover cops discovered at Portland, OR  Occupy Meeting

Undercover Cops Unveiled at University of Pittsburg Rally Against Police Brutality

Report on police dressed as civilians using violence to undermine peaceful protests

A Public Service message from UK Big Society highlights images of one undercover agent interacting with police,

Undercover Agent Provocateurs violence in Oakland

A second tactic, although less discussed, appears to be currently in use in NY.  Multiple reports are that  the police have been aggressively sending homeless alcoholics, drug addicts and the mentally ill into the Occupy camps.  This is resulting in confused, intoxicated, or deranged people disrupting the camps.  They also provide welcome fodder for the FOX ‘news” photographers, who need negative imagery to present to their followers.

How to help these damaged people and yet not allow them to disrupt the peaceful protests is a challenge that is currently being addressed.  Some of these people are also violent, and their presence allows right-wingers to point to them and their behavior as part of the Occupy movement, ignoring the feeding of the homeless, the libraries, the teach-ins, and the medical tent.

The camp in my town has a “sobriety tent” to help those that want help.  The best thing we can do is stay united, support one another, and keep reminded each other to remain peaceful.  Love is the most powerful, creative force in the Universe, and as Gandhi said, it always prevails.




UPDATE: Read this account of another undercover police plant in Occupy Wall Street – coordinated with NYPD, FBI and Andrew Breitbart, right wing propagandist.  Interesting, yes?


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