How GW Bush Stole the 2000 Election

Democratic elections have always been messy; democracy itself is inherently messy.  And there have probably always been shenanigans to be found in the process.  But the “election” of George W. Bush was probably one of the most egregious election scams we’d seen up until that time.  Bush lost the popular vote by 540,000 votes.  But things got really strange in Florida, where George’s brother, Jeb was Governor.

GOP Voter Suppression in Florida

Governor Jeb Bush instructed his Secretary of State Katherine Harris to purge the voting rolls of thousands of voters.

12,000 eligible voters – a number twenty-two times larger than George W. Bush’s 537 vote triumph over Al Gore – were wrongly identified as convicted felons and purged from the voting rolls in Florida, according to the Brennan Center for Justice. African Americans, who favored Gore over Bush by 86 points, accounted for 11 percent of the state’s electorate but 41 percent of those purged.. Rolling Stone

But that didn’t stop the voter suppression efforts.  The fact that voter suppression had been used to successfully “elect” a United States president was not lost on the Republican party.



Vote-Vote-Vote..It’s Vital!

In two months we Americans will go to the polls once again to decide who the president will be for the next four years. We will not be allowed to vote on those who wield the true power in this country. On November 6th we will not vote for the chairman of ExxonMobil or JPMorgan Chase or Citibank or the Premier of China. That day will come, but not this year.

This is the opening paragraph of an article by Michael Moore entitled, “President Romney” — Why Those Two Words Should Scare You into Action This Election .  It’s  well worth reading.  So YES, we KNOW that the political parties do not actually control economic or military policy…YES, we KNOW that the wealthy elite are the true rulers behind the curtain — YES, we know that greed and corruption are not limited by party affiliation — but this does not mean that it is wise — or even ethical — to disengage.

I love the Green Party, and I wish Jill Stein had a chance at becoming President.  But since the corporatocracy has silenced third party voices,  do I make a “protest vote”?  Or am I to choose  between Dem and GOP?  OK, It’s not a fair choice, because at least the Dems are relatively sane, while the GOP has been taken over by far-reich extremists.  And, I’ll go with Dems –  because we KNOW from experience that life under the GOP thumb is far worse than being governed by the Democratic party.  For the children, for the elderly, for the unemployed, the poor, students, the middle class, women, gays, minorities… life is just better with Democratic policies.

And yes, this applies even to those of us who are cynical, disappointed, or otherwise half-hearted about this election. 

Just look at who doesn’t want you to vote: More

What YOU Can Do NOW About GOP Voter Suppression Laws

Empower yourself and your neighbors.  Don’t be a victim!

You’ve heard the saying, “If voting changed anything, it’d be illegal.”  I’ve believed it myself.  Well it turns out that now, if you’re young, poor, a minority, a woman, elderly, or live in a democratic precinct located in important “swing” states — voting almost IS illegal.  So could it be that voting could actually change something this time?  (Hint:It probably has to do with the fact that the next President could appoint several new Supreme Court Justices.)

Right now,  your right to vote is being threatened.  As conscious individuals during this time of intense change,it is our responsibility to be aware of what is happening around us, and this includes the ego-based game of politics.  The wealthy elite want to place their handpicked representatives of the GOP. back into the White House, Senate and House — and they’re willing to do anything to make that happen.  Even though the Dems are no strangers to the lure of money, the rise of the far-reich wing of the GOP has made the party platform as heartless as they are corrupt.  Watch and share the Three Point Plan:

Before we go into the details of how and why the elite don’t want YOU to vote, lets get right to some SOLUTIONS for those in affected states:

1.  Find out how the newly implemented voter suppression laws impact you and those who live in your state – Download the new free Election Protection Smartphone Application here. More

Can the GOP Convention be Amusing? Fake Meme:”You Didn’t Build This…”

Today’s post features the amusing irony of the day with some excellent images…check out some good Romney images at the end of the post.  Ah, the games have begun…


Dangerous Consequences of Citizens United and GOP Wins in 2010 – Back Story

In 2010, the reich wing was massively funded by secret corporate interests, in the first election post the Supreme Court decision called “Citizens United”.  Due to this funding and the onslaught of unlimited, unaccountable, untold millions of dollars, many people were (once again) bamboozled into voting against their own best interest.  Added to this, many others were disenchanted with Obama’s incessant compromises with the Reich, whose only goal was to destroy his presidency – and thus they did not vote.

Among the massive corporate money flood, it came to light that FOX “news” donated a million dollars to elect republican governors, and anti-democracy corporatists like the Koch brothers outright purchased themselves a multitude of state level republican candidates including governors.  Why?  It quickly became obvious.  Once in place, they began an unprecedented assault upon citizens and democracy: More

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